Sunday, December 11

Go Guinn, Go!

Quinn's in the midst of another round of not-fun medical procedures. Bring in some love and send your pics to with signs saying 'Go Quinn Go!' Anything that makes Quinn smile is what the doctor ordered. Be creative, be unique, and most importantly, be here for our little man. As one of Quinn's awesome supporters worded it: "You don’t have to know the little guy. You don’t need money to spare. With a camera, an email address, and three minutes of your time, you can help put a smile on the face of a brave little boy."

*Please, nothing photoshopped. We would like original pictures.

Sunday, January 30

Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Ben Lovejoy via Jill M. Shipley

"Our best wishes for your little guy!  Hope he is doing well."

Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Ben Lovejoy at a recent fundraising event held at Dick’s Sporting Goods

-  Jill M. Shipley
Director of Special Events & Fan Development
Pittsburgh Penguins

Mike, Alyssa Ralowicz

(and not seen, Dude. <-- Our first dog on his first cross country road trip)

"Hi Quinn! I hope you are well, we all know how strong you are. Our thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time. Perhaps these pictures will brighten your day! We took a road trip to Capac, Michigan from Houston, Texas. It's not Texas weather here! 8 degrees and we've built our first snow-person! The bottom is even complete with bird seed so the local wildlife can enjoy it too!"

Michelle Hallenbeck's "Quinn Board"

"Keep up the good work Quinn and NEVER give up!!"

Monday, January 10

Jessica Rice

"Good luck Quinn, from Jess and Bryan (joined by Thor, Wolverine, and Ironman) on top of Crocker Mountain, South Crocker Mountain, and 14 miles later, the end of the trail.  We figured if Quinn could pull through heart surgery, we could keep hiking.  Hang tough little man!"

Fredrickson Family of Nashua!

"Best wishes to you all!"

Beverly Oman

" I do hope he is doing well and getting stronger every day!  He, as well as your family, are in my prayers!"

Rosalyn Melendez

Mrs. Cash, Mrs. McBride & friends at Giant Steps

Sunday, January 9

Ezri Martinez | Los Mochis, Sinaloa, México

"Do not let someone tell you you can not do anything....
México is with you...
A thousand blessings "

Saturday, January 8

Catherine Monroe

We hope his recovery continues to progress well. Lots of love and well wishes from Chris, Juliana and I!

Pam Davies & Nashua Area Moms Group

Friday, January 7

Auntie Gwen & Adrian

Mr. Handsome and his two bodyguards.

Ethan Beall of North Chelmsford, MA

Young Ethan sends this out to Quinn. He "is OBSESSED with Wall-E. He even provided the Go Quinn Go chant in his best Wall-e voice as I photographed Quinn's new fan."

There you go Quinn. Check out one of your favorite stars. What do you think about THAT?! Wall-E fans unite!

Marisa Becker's Family

"The Wisehart's are praying for a speedy recovery for Quinn.

Thursday, January 6

The Rooster Clan from Pohnpei

Quinn's family from back home. 1/4 of the Love that caused Quinn to exist  comes right from this house. This is their prayer meeting, asking the Lord to guide Quinn through the procedure safely.

Uncle Brockett & Uncle Wilson

"This is Mary & Joey's Uncle Brockett and Uncle Wilson cheering you on!"

Auntie Mary-Jo, Auntie KC, & cousin Olivia:)

"Best shot I could get - Olivia just wouldn't keep still. Hope all is well on your end.

Nohno Mer"

Amy D'amico & Tula

"Tula thought the sign was tasty, but we are both cheering for him! Lots of love and well wishes for Quinn and his family!"

Mandie Viscusi

Caleb (5) and Keira (31/2) chanting Go Quinn Go!!

Erin says both champions are "chanting Go Quinn Go!!"

Torie Courtney

"Hi, Quinn is probably in surgery right now, but I thought I would send on some more encouragement. I'm a friend of Lates's from college. My thoughts and prayers are with your family today."

Judy Ronau & Paco

Paco, the lab pet tortoise and the Abu-Omar research group at Purdue University say "We hope the surgery goes well today, Quinn is in our prayers."

Tia Sarah and Tio Gogo

Aimee Cherry & Mustard Lane girls, NYC

Aimee says "I didn't make it into the picture but I'm chanting Go Quinn Go louder than anyone!"

Wednesday, January 5


The surgery is today! Go Quinn! GO GO GO! You've the Love of everyone behind you. God Bless our Quinn, please protect and guide him. Bring him safely through and grant him strong health.

Eddie Reyes

"I just wanted to tell you that the hispanic community of the valley of Texas has your son in our prayers."


Megan Snyder

"Sending along a little more support and happy thoughts for a smooth surgery!"


"I love ya and I am praying for you!! You are a strong, handsome little boy! You are brave and strong!"

Rachel Hawkins

"I will keep you all in my thoughts in the upcoming days, weeks and months!"

Erica, Joaquin, Sasha, and Freddie

"Always spread Peace and Love"

Faith Ludwig's daughter Penelope

"Penelope showing her support for quinn during our prebedtime reading time :)"

Allison Clayton

"He's a tenacious guy and I am sure he will come out on top! Lots of love from Manhattan! (And from beneath the George Washington Bridge!)"

Rob & Stacey Poole


Love, Cayden Helvey (2yrs old) with a BIG HEART!!!

"I am sending you lots of LOVE and Strength!!!"

Cousin Mila!

Sarah, Steve, Natalie, Eloise, Charlotte

"Best wishes and all our love and support for Quinn!
We'll be thinking of you all."

Nana and her kitty Tasha

"This is from Mary and Joey's Nana and her kitty Tasha:  Quinn, we've been cheering for you ever since you were born and we're never going to stop!  We're the ones who gave you the "Mighty Quinn" picture hanging in your room.  As soon as you know it, you'll be back in your own house in your own room in your own bed, we promise!"

Thursday, December 30

The Mighty Quinn Himself!!!!!!


Faith, Matt, Hannah and Naomi Richardson

Hannah says Go Quinn, Go!
"Merry Christmas!  We are praying for your family."